The kitchen is the heart of your home, where you prepare food, cook dishes, and even gather for some quality time. Kitchen floors must then endure daily foot traffic, dropped foods, water spills, and utensils. Kitchen Flooring Glendale CA offers durable and stylish floors because we understand that this is a room where you spend a lot of time.

Best Kitchen Flooring

We guarantee that all of our floorings are suitable for use in kitchens and easy to maintain, so the type of kitchen floor you buy will depend on the distinct durability features you need and the style you want to show.

Hardwood may look good in the kitchen, but it might not be able to withstand the inevitable drops and spills. A suitable alternative to achieve the beauty of hardwood is rigid core flooring. It is designed to endure busy kitchens, so you do not need to worry about cleaning up spills or fixing dents. If you want a tile that looks attractive while providing comfort and warmth, choose Alterna engineered tile. It is easy and faster to install and look cleaner than traditional tile.

Kitchen-worthy durability features:

All kitchen floors must be able to withstand unavoidable spills. If that feature is your priority, go with luxury vinyl tile or our rigid core selections because they provide the highest water resistance level.

All Kitchen Flooring Glendale, CA products provide the durability your kitchen demands. Whether you are looking for a dent-free, water, scratch, and stain-resistant floor, our collections got you covered.

The best type of floor that can endure damages from dropped dishes and heavy kitchen tolls are rigid core and engineered tile.

Having an attractive looking floor, such as stone, ceramic, or porcelain, for the kitchen is nice, but these floors can be cold and hard. The best solution if you want the same natural look but more comfortable underfoot and will not likely crack is an engineered groutable tile.


  • Hardwood
    Hardwood comes in mahogany, ash, walnut, poplar, and oak. They can add warmth and classic touch to an already beautiful natural looking wood floors. These types of darker woods are preferred over softwoods such as cedar and pine. For an environmentally-friendly option, go for bamboo floors, plus they are also durable and hard. You can choose between engineered and solid hardwood, and then Kitchen Flooring Glendale will construct it with several layers of wood or plies.

  • Tile
    Tile is one of the best options for kitchen flooring. We offer elegant and clean looking tiles that are durable and easy to maintain. Tile comes in ceramic, marble, quarry, and porcelain options; therefore, it is guaranteed you will find the style that suits your kitchen the best.

  • Laminate
    Laminate mimics the look of hardwood or tile and is more affordable. It is easy to clean, and its surface can resist stains and scratches. Choosing laminate means going practical.

  • Vinyl
    Kitchen Flooring Glendale offers three forms of vinyl flooring: vinyl tile, sheet vinyl, and vinyl plank. They also come in different designs, colors, and styles. They don't chip and can handle moisture, making it a good flooring option.

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